Dental Crowns

Need help treating the effects of tooth decay and damage, but don't want to pay outrageous prices? Traveling to Supreme Dental in Los Algodones, Mexico, for your dental crown comes with a large list of benefits, including more affordable treatment. Come see why patients throughout America, Canada, and the rest of the world prefer us over local dentists.

The Basics of Dental Crowns

Variety of crowns

Our crown patients often travel to our Los Algodones dental office to find affordable dental work for root canal therapy, deep decay, and broken teeth. Frequently, the best solution is a dental crown, which is a strong, lifelike cap placed over your affected tooth or a dental implant. Unlike primarily cosmetic work like veneers, they can strengthen your tooth and transform your appearance all at once.

Both traditional and implant-supported crowns can be made of lifelike materials like zirconia and porcelain. Our team prides itself in offering all aspects of crown care, including restoration milling and implant placement, so that you only need to visit one Mexico office for your treatment.

How Can a Dental Crown Help Me?

At our Los Algodones dentistry practice, crowns can:

Restore Your Dental Function

Struggling to chew? With a personalized dental crown, you can have a complete and functional smile again. Missing a tooth? We can pair a crown with a dental implant to replace the tooth's structure from root to crown.

Protect Your Tooth

If your tooth's structure is compromised, you'll need dental treatment, and quickly. Afterwards, a crown can protect your smile from further damage.

Improve Your Health

Whether it's protecting your tooth's pulp after a root canal or stimulating the production of healthy bone tissue with a dental implant, crowns can also impact your overall wellness.

Crowns Can Also Transform Your Smile


Unhappy with chipping, stains, or misshapen teeth? Though the most common uses for crowns involve fortifying a weakened tooth and renewing your oral function, they can improve your appearance too. Our custom crowns use incredibly natural-looking materials like porcelain, so you can address aesthetic concerns on their own or along with health-related issues. We also offer veneers, giving you multiple cosmetic options.

See the Beauty of Dental Crowns

Dental work can be expensive, especially if you have big plans for your smile. This patient decided to visit our Los Algodones team for stunning results on a more reasonable budget.
Supreme Dental Clinic patient before crowns
​Before Crowns
Supreme Dental Clinic patient after crowns
​After Crowns
Our dentists placed 28 zirconia crowns over this patient's teeth. Now, their smile is bright, even, and strong.

"We are very pleased with the work we had done."


Rich Nowak


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I had 28 crowns placed and was so impressed with Supreme Dental!

Dr. Elias and his team made me feel completely comfortable and my results are incredible!

I highly recommend their services! Rich/ Denver, Colorado

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Rhonda Yadao


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My husband and I both had work done at Supreme Dental. We did implants, followed by crowns 6 months later. We are very pleased with the work we had done. If we had the work done here in the US, I would have to go to 1 dentist and 2 specialists. At Supreme Dental they do it all in the same office, in the same week. The prices are good. The staff are so nice and helpful. Location is good, very near to the US border. They made our first visit easier by picking us up in a shuttle van. We were dropped off at the border, and had a staff member meet us at the border to walk us in to the clinic.

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Affordable Dental Crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico

You can receive natural-looking restorations made from materials like porcelain, as well as enjoy advanced technology like our PIC Dental system, without paying a premium for state-of-the-art care. You can even cover your visit using financing or insurance.

Additionally, the dentists at our Los Algodones, Mexico, dental office maintain affiliations and accreditations both in the United States and internationally. As a result, the standard of your dental care here might actually surpass your treatment at home.

Supreme Dental Los Algodones B.C.

Supreme Dental Clinic

Welcome to Supreme Dental Clinic. We are a team of dental experts providing world-class and affordable dental care in Los Algodones, Mexico. Our professional affiliations include:

  • American Dental Association
  • International Team for Implantology
  • Congress of the Mexican Association of Endodontics
  • International Congress of Dentistry

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