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Even a single missing tooth can rob you of your confidence. Dental bridges are a trusted method to repair your smile and love how you look again. At Supreme Dental Clinic in Los Algodones, MX, our world-class team offers affordable, elite care. Experience the difference for yourself.

​Why Consider Medical Tourism?

Even with dental insurance, out-of-pocket costs for dental bridges and other types of dental work can be prohibitively high. Medical tourism for dental care is safer and more popular than ever, and it can save you thousands of dollars. Rest assured–we hold ourselves to standards that surpass many U.S. practices.

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Nash Jaffer


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It was a great experience overall. My 3-teeth bridge looks and feels great. Ernesto, the international patiens coordinator, answered all my questions in detail and provided all the information on what to expect, the costs and how to get to the Supreme Dental Clinic. Gabriela, at the front desk, was very professional and helpful in checking me in and even sending someone with me to check into the hotel accross the street. Dr. Dulce Herrera, who performed the dental procedure, was extremely professional and skillful in her work. 

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Ellen Mullet


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 I flew to Phoenix AZ from Indiana & drove to Supreme Dental from there. It was the best dental experience I’ve ever had. The team is so dedicated to make sure everything is right before you leave, and they make sure the procedures are as pain free as possible. I got 3 bridges, all crowns on my uppers, an implant, plus they fixed the root canal I had done in Indiana. If you want the best work available for a much better price with the best materials you can get, definitely go to Supreme Dental. They truly care about their patients. It’s the first time in my life that I enjoyed going to the dentist and I LOVE MY NEW SMILE! It’s a safe area to visit. You won’t regret it.

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Our Dental Bridges Are Unbelievably Lifelike

Supreme Dental Clinic patient before and after dental bridge
Before & After
This patient's missing teeth were highly noticeable and aged her appearance.
Thanks to a dental bridge, she's now confident sharing her new smile.

We Offer Traditional Bridges  & Implant-Supported Restorations

Dental bridges might be recommended if you're missing one or more teeth in a row. Your dentist can also place a bridge if you require an extraction due to gum disease or a failed root canal. At our Los Algodones dental office, there are two types of restorations to choose from:

Traditional Bridges

Traditionally, dental bridges are held in place with dental crowns placed over the natural teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. These crowns support one or more pontics, or false teeth. Our dentists work with a laboratory that can quickly create custom dental crowns and pontics.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small metal posts that are inserted into the jawbone. An implant-supported dental crown can replace one tooth, while an implant-supported dental bridge can replace two or more teeth. Our Los Algodones dentists use a digital scanner for incredibly precise results.

Dental Implants Offer Superior Benefits

While both types of dental bridges at our Los Algodones practice can improve your appearance, implants have profound advantages for your general health and oral health.

Implant-supported bridges, crowns, and dentures replace the entire structure of missing teeth. Tooth roots and dental implants alike stimulate the jaw, ensuring vital nutrients are delivered to the area to maintain dense, healthy bone. A natural effect of tooth loss, bone loss can threaten the health of your remaining teeth, create an aged and sunken appearance as the jaw shrinks, and impact your diet.

Treatment Timeline for an Implant-Supported Bridge

Whether you choose an implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture, you can generally expect these steps:

Our conveniently located office in Los Algodones is less than 40 yards from the U.S.-Mexico border.
Our conveniently located office in Los Algodones is less than 40 yards from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Implant Surgery

Your dentist will place one or more implants in your jaw. You might receive a temporary bridge or we might suture the area closed to facilitate healing. If the gap in your smile is highly visible, we'll do everything we can to make sure you never have to go without teeth.

Healing Period

During a period of three to six months, your bone will actually fuse with the implants. As long as you're in good health and follow post-operative instructions, your body should readily accept the biocompatible material. 

Abutment Placement

Once healing is complete, we'll place an abutment or connector piece on the top of each implant. Your gums will need to heal for a few weeks following this minor surgery

Permanent Bridge 

During your final appointment, we'll attach your custom dental bridge. Our dentists are perfectionists, so you can trust the fit, feel, and look will exceed your expectations.

If you're not considered a good candidate for implants, our dentists in Los Algodones will work closely with you to resolve underlying conditions. For example, periodontal care can ensure a strong foundation for your dental work. Quitting smoking or getting your blood sugar under control are also lifestyle factors that we'll discuss with you during a dental consultation.
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